ECC provides waste management services to include operation of waste accumulation or storage facilities and characterization of hazardous waste, assistance in selecting disposal options, preparation for shipment, and coordination with waste treatment and disposal sites. Additional services include data collection, feasibility or risk analysis, hazard and/or non hazard exposure assessments; waste characterization and source reduction studies; development, review and recommendation of waste tracking or handling systems; waste management plans and/or surveys ,waste minimization/pollution prevention initiatives; review of technologies and processes impacting waste management.

Environmental Engineering Support Services
Strategic Missle Defense Command, Fort Greely, Alaska

ECC is the hazardous waste and environmental services contractor for the US Army at Fort Greely since 2004; providing services ranging from hazardous waste management; spill assessment, response and cleanup; to sampling and disposal of contaminated soil. Specific tasks include:

  • Operation and management of the hazardous waste accumulation facility at Fort Greely
  • Perform waste characterization, sampling and analysis services
  • Accelerated site investigation and cleanup during construction activities
  • Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) surveys and other hazardous materials surveys
  • Environmental and safety training for installation personnel and contractors
  • Thermally treat hundreds of cubic yards of petroleum contaminated soil
  • Perform multiple asbestos abatement projects
  • Collect over 600 air samples per year in support of the installation air quality program
  • Ensure regulatory compliance of all waste accumulation points quarterly inspections
  • Radon monitoring program support
Environmental Services
US Air Force, Alaska

ECC is the prime contractor for the Hazardous Waste Collection, Disposal and Management Contract on Elmendorf Air Force Base (EAFB) since 2000. ECC is responsible for the management of hazardous wastes on EAFB including hazardous waste profiling, regulatory inspections, database management, database troubleshooting and environmental compliance. Eielson AFB will also use the ECC database to manage hazardous wastes from "cradle to grave". ECC performs all waste management and inspections to comply with the RCRA, TSCA and CERCLA requirements. The combination of the waste management and sampling contracts makes ECC responsible for all aspects of hazardous waste and materials management on EAFB .In 2007, Eielsen Air Force Base, Alaska, contracted identical services for the base, making ECC the waste contractor for both major Air Force bases in Alaska.

RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Services
US Army, Alaska

ECC is the hazardous waste management services contractor for the US Army Alaska since 2004 to provide hazardous waste management services at Forts Richardson and Wainwright, as well as outlying Army sites such as Tanana Flats Training Area, Yukon Training Area, Black Rapids Training Area, Donnelly Training Areas and Seward Army Recreation Camp. The disciplines required include environmental science, data management, hazardous materials handling and regulatory compliance. Specific tasks include:

  • Operation and management of the hazardous waste accumulation facilities
  • Identify profile, consolidate, package, collect and transport hazardous waste
  • Performed Fort Richardson hazardous waste storage facility closure in accordance with RCRA closure requirements
  • Environmental and safety training for installation personnel and contractors
  • Inspect waste accumulation points weekly and quarterly inspections for compliance with Federal, State and installation regulations
  • Developed, implemented and maintain the hazardous waste tracking database

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